I have a confession. I’m a Christmasaholic. I think about Christmas all year long. I miss it when it’s gone. I put up my decorations & trees on Halloween. Yep. I said TREES. Plural. As many as I my home will hold. With glitter. Lots of it….everywhere. I call it glitterizing the house. We find remnants of glitter all year long. It means I glotterized like a boss! I’m partial to multicolored glitter & gold. And the chunky glitter. Not the wimpy spray kind. We’re talking industrial strength super chunky glitter. The kind you see from space. That’s how I roll. I collect ornaments & nutcrackers. I’ve learned through the years, that specializing in collecting one or two Christmas collectibles is best. Besides, I’ve run out of room in our spare bedroom. And attic. And garage. And then there’s those two storage sheds that I’m not even going to discuss. Suffice to say, I’ve got alot of Christmas decor. I don’t plan my decorating ahead of time. I kinda just let those holly jolly Christmas juices flow, and see where they take me. I practically designed my home around my Christmas decor. Vaulted ceilings & large windows abound. I put two 8 ft trees in the office & dining room. The 12 footer goes in our living room, thus the vaulted ceilings. All these trees are fake. The real tree goes in the sitting room of our bedroom. Large bookshelves cozy up to a stone-faced fireplace with a large mantle specifically designed for stockings & greenery. These shelves showcase my nutcracker collection. I lost count at sixty of them. Why, you ask, would a grown-up be almost “obsessed” with a mere holiday. I’ll tell you. I was probably five years old at the time, but I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was Christmas Eve in our small Southern Illinois town. Mom had the house all decorated so beautifully. I had come down with the flu and was laying on the couch in the living room. I was sure Santa was going to skip my house that year. He couldn’t afford to catch the flu from me! Suddenly, the front door flew open and cold December air rushed in. A few seconds later my beloved father appeared leading a small, blonde pony right into our living room! I was so surprised and amazed that he would bring that pony to me! We decided right then and there to name him “Trigger”. I never will forget how Loved and special I felt, on that cold Christmas Eve. That is why I celebrate Christmas. For my father. For the love he showed me that day so long past. And, isn’t love what Jesus taught us?


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